About Me

Hello everyone!

MA6_5275.jpgMy name is Madison, and I am the proud founder of the organization, “Girl in the Mirror,” that is dedicated to empowering young women to recognize their true beauty. After almost losing my life to my battle with anorexia, I am determined to share my story of recovery with as many women and young girls that I can to inspire them that recovery is possible and to help them recognize they are beautiful just the way they are. I also want to educate society about eating disorders and erase the stigma surrounding them to allow for easier access to treatment options.

Girl in the Mirror Blogs is my personal space to document my recovery journey, engage with fellow recovery warriors, share my tips and tricks for developing a healthier body image and share my thoughts from a recovery perspective on everyday things. I also want to use this platform to invite you to get involved with Girl in the Mirror and to join me in empowering women to recognize their true beauty.

If you ever have any blog post ideas, please reach out to me at madison@girlinthemirror.blog. I would love to hear your ideas and work with you to make them come to life!


Madison Humphrey

Founder, Girl in the Mirror