There’s Hope for Health Care: An Update

Earlier last week, I came to you all to discuss a horrible experience I had with a nurse at my primary care physician’s office in a blog post entitled,¬†Health Care NEEDS to Change: More Sensitivity, Less Judgement. While I still feel strongly about there needing to be mandatory sensitivity training for all medical professionals about treating eating disorders, I want to share with you the reason I feel there is hope for health care.

I had a follow-up appointment yesterday at the same practice to discuss some test results, and I was very politely greeted by a new nurse who actually¬†took my needs into consideration. Again, I asserted my needs, and she kindly allowed me to not be weighed, and unlike last week’s nurse, she didn’t judge me for my decision. I was very impressed by how thorough she was in taking down my health history and how well she treated me. Additionally, my doctor spent more than 25 minutes just discussing my test results, drawing diagrams along the way to help me understand what is actually going on with my body. She took my needs as an eating disorder patient into consideration and treated me accordingly.

The difference between last week’s visit and this week’s visit is night-and-day. Maybe I hit the health care lottery yesterday by having an understanding nurse and a phenomenal doctor, but it truly illustrates how much better our health care system will be when we implement mandatory training for medical professionals that will help them understand and better treat eating disorder patients. I walked away from this appointment with a smile on my face because I felt I was truly taken care of, and I want to do what I can to make sure all eating disorder patients can go to their doctors and feel the same.

I am putting the finishing touches on the letters I will be sending out to the practice regarding last week’s incident, and I will do everything in my power to start a conversation about eating disorder patient sensitivity in the health care community. Will you join the movement and write to your health care provider about the importance of eating disorder education? Girl, if we all come together, there’s no telling how much of an impact we’ll be able to make in the lives of eating disorder patients across the country.

What do you think? Leave me some comments down below, and let’s talk about it!

I love you all,






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